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Specialization Areas: Materials Science

Materials Science Faculty 
Nigel ShriveLudo Zanzotto, Lynne Cowe Falls


Asphalt Concrete

Mechanical properties, durability, mixture proportioning, quality control, pavement performance.


Mechanical behaviour of biological tissues, materials for prostheses.

Bituminous Materials

Internal structure and engineering characteristics of bituminous materials. Rheological modelling. Creep and dynamic mechanical analysis. Low temperature cracking, plastic deformations and fatigue. Durability and aging. Manufacture and processing technologies. Design of paving, waterproofing and specialty materials. Asphalt-aggregate interaction and water sensitivity. Hot mix and emulsion materials and technologies. Additivation and modification. Environmental aspects of paving and waterproofing technologies. Utilization of post-consumer plastic wastes and other recycle materials.

Industrial Rheology

Basic principles of continuum mechanics. Constitutive equations. Rheometric flows. Relaxation processes in materials. Molecular and phenomenological theories of nonlinear fluids. Constitutive equations in engineering problems. Methods of rheological testing. Stability of flows.


Fracture, durability, quality control, test methods, structural properties, design and manufacture of components and systems, including reinforced and post-tensioned masonry; use of supplementary cementing materials. 

Portland Cement Concrete

Microstructure and composition, kinetics and mechanisms of reactions, elasticity, time dependent behaviour, resistance to freezing and thawing, effects of de-icing agents, alkali aggregate reactions, permeability, fracture, fibre-reinforced cement and concrete, roller compacted concrete, effects of admixtures, supplementary cementing materials, mixture proportioning, quality control, structural applications particularly in buildings, pavements and bridges.


Soil stabilization with fly ash pozzolans; properties of soil-cement, soil-lime, and soil-fly ash-aggregate mixes containing polymers; effect of fineness of fly ash on stabilized aggregates and soils; micro-structure and composition of rocks and clays, reactions with binders in concrete, e.g.: alkali aggregate reactions; blending of aggregates.

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