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Philip Egberts

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Research Area: 

Nanotribology (the study of friction, wear, and adhesion at the nanometer length scale), nanomechanics, atomic force microscopy, nanotechnology


Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
Phone: 403-220-7678
Fax: 403-282-8406


B.A.Sc in Engineering Science – Nanoengineering Option (University of Toronto) 2004
M.A.Sc. in Materials Science (University of Toronto) 2006
Ph.D. in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics (McGill University) 2011


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Postdoctoral Fellowship (2011-2013)

Primary Institute: 

Postdoctoral Fellow in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (University of Pennsylvania) 2011-2013
Scientific Co-Worker at INM-Leibniz Institute for New Materials (Saarbrücken, Germany – 2008-2011)

Areas of research: 

Friction, plasticity and wear are complex issues that engineers must address in the design of mechanical systems.  Significant advances in lubrication and advanced materials have allowed for the development of energy efficient and long lasting mechanical devices.  However, insights into the physical mechanisms that control parameters such as the friction coefficient, wear rate coefficient, or hardness are lacking, particularly at the atomic scale.  Such insights are required for predictive determination of the parameters that control friction, plasticity and wear, which will be critical in the development of the next generation materials and lubricants.  We will use novel techniques, such as atomic force microscopy, to examine the mechanical properties of materials at the atomic length-scale.

Graduate Students: 

I am looking for interested and motivated graduate students to begin in winter or spring 2014.

Select Publications: 

P. Egberts, Z. Ye, X-Z. Liu, Y. Dong, A. Martini, and R.W. Carpick, Environmental dependence of atomic-scale friction at graphite surface steps, Physical Review B, 83, 035409 (2013).

M. Mishra, P. Egberts, R. Bennewitz, and I. Szlufarska, Friction model for single asperity elastic- plastic contacts, Physical Review B, 86, 045452 (2012).

P. Egberts, R. Gralla, and R. Bennewitz, Temporal development of indentation plasticity on the atomic scale revealed by force microscopy, Physical Review B, 86, 035446 (2012).

P. Egberts, and R. Bennewitz, Atomic-scale nanoindentation: Detection and identification of single glide events in three dimensions by force microscopy, Nanotechnology, 22, 425703 (2011).

P. Egberts, T. Filleter, and R. Bennewitz, A kelvin probe force microscopy of charged indentation- induced dislocation structures in KBr, Nanotechnology, 20, 264005 (2009).


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