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Schulich School abuzz with design fair excitement

Submitted by lmacneil on April 12, 2012 - 13:54.

Schulich School of Engineering Design Fair showcases students’ innovations to improve sustainability and quality of life


By Jennifer Sowa

Photo credit: Dr. Simon Park

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1st Place (Geomatics) Internet of Things & Quadcopter

Team Members: Dominika Wcislo, Jungyoung Park, Janna Fung & David Townsend


2nd Place (Geomatics) Subdivision Design: Nosehill

Team Members: James O’Neill, Mitch Scheuerman, Collin Marquardt & Paul Deering


3rd Place (Geomatics) Terrestrial Photogrammertry

Team Members:  Brian Hoang, Alfred D’Mello, Usman Cokar & Alex Hanna

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A solar farm that feeds energy to the electrical grid, a high-tech motorcycle interface for paraplegics, intelligent robots, autonomous aerial vehicles and designs for sustainable buildings. Months of hard work went into creating innovative solutions for everyday engineering challenges.


On April 11, the University of Calgary’s MacEwan Hall was packed with nearly 100 projects prepared by engineering students who are completing their final year of study at the Schulich School of Engineering. These projects were among their last assignments before they graduate and put their skills to work in the real world.


Sustainability and improving quality of life were central themes of this year’s design fair. Projects included a solar-powered generator to supply power for oil and gas field operations; an autonomous “quadcopter” with sensors that take environmental measurements such as humidity, temperature and pressure; and a bedside console to increase the independence of quadriplegics by helping them access items without the help of caregivers.


The Capstone Design Fair takes place every April and provides the opportunity for students to build upon their engineering knowledge while developing skills in teamwork and project management